My name is Alea and I am a Wedding , Editorial and portrait phototgrapher.  

Another big love of mine is people. I'm a true extrovert and being around people always puts me in a great mood. For those of you psych people out there, my Myer's Brigg personalty is ENFJ. Go look it up and it's pretty spot on for why this job gives me so much joy.  I'm a happy crier. I never cried much until I fell madly in love. But it's made me better at my job. Empathy is the ability to be able to feel what someone else is feeling and on wedding days I feel like that is my super power.  Those emotions become so present to me during a wedding day because I make myself vulnerable to see them and see the overall story. I'm so passionate about story telling and though for a while, I thought my degree in Communications was a waste of serious cash, through the years I've seen how story telling is a vital artery of being a photographer. It's not just a visual thing but very much involves every sense to achieve moments that move people. 

Some random facts about me: 

 I wrote a book thats on Amazon called " Seven hours ahead" about how I met my husband - I have a fur baby Weimaraner named Shadow - My actual last name isn't "Lovely" - I'm a wedding dress designer (shoutout to ! ) - I'm the oldest of 6 - I have an addiction to Pinterest - I started photography because a friend of my needed some polaroids for a modeling agency so I took a few snaps of him, and the agent that picked him up said I should be a photographer. Next day I bought a real camera - My goal is to have visited 100 countries by my 40th birthday ( so far at 24 countries at 31 ) - I have dyslexia -  My favorite store in Nordstrom Rack - I love self help, psych or business books but haven't read any fiction books since I was in middle school - My idea of the perfect gift is a spa/massage day - I get along with people's moms strangely well - We collect travel magnets - I gave a speech in Times Square ( in front of millions!) on New Years Eve 2016, Ryan Seacrest was right there - I'm fascinated with "ghosts" - As a Type A optimist,  I thrive when I'm with positive people - Favorite color is blush. 

As an artist, I would like to make sure that I am a great fit for your wedding day to keep the integrity of product that you will receive reflecting one of the most special days of your life. I've been doing this for the better part of a decade and I want to give you your memories in the best possible way, and I take pride in the work I offer to be special, unique and personal to our clients. 

Thank you for inquiring about my work. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you!