Consult : We sit down, we meet, have a drink or eat ( or even skype ) and get to know each other. We talk about your love story, your family, your wedding and anything else you would like to talk about so we can figure out if we are a good fit.
Booking : We talk logistics, what you need in your package along with travel costs and work that together in a nice little contract. Once the contract is sent, you sign on the dotted line and send the contract and your retainer payment to reserve your date.
Engagement Session : This is optional but it gives me a chance to get you know you better. How comfortable you are in front of the camera. Are you a natural? Or will you need more direction. Do you have a good side? All those things we can work out prior to the wedding.
Planning : After the hard details get nailed down I would love to meet again or talk again about scheduling details. Are you going to see the groom before or after? What time would you like to do family photos? How much time will be allotted? Are we working with a different schedule? What family members are going to be in the formal photos? Where would you like to do your portraits.
Wedding : The fun part! You get married and I capture all the great things that happened on your sweet day. You dont have to worry now we have established a great relationship and trust that you can just enjoy your day!