A couple in need.

So a few weeks ago I was feeling like I needed to do something to get out of my comfort zone as an artist. Lately I had been really loving artistic black and white photos and wanted to see what it would be like to shoot a wedding in all black and white. But what couple would agree to that? Would I even like it? I guess I was just itching for my style to change in a way that would be better for my clients instead of what I personally just like to shoot, so I figured that maybe a couple in need would benefit most from something like this. Every year I do about 3 free weddings. Mostly for close family or friends as a gift, like my sister who got married yesterday. But I thought that I wanted to help someone that wasn't closely tied to me. So I put it out there on facebook and I was overwhelmed with the amount of responses. However one email stood out among the rest. The bride's cousin sent me this...

Hello! I saw your post on Facebook and instantly thought of my cousin, Stephanie! Her fiancee, Tyler is flying in from North Carolina, from the army, will be here a week to see family and get married! They are on pretty tight budget, as they are paying for everything themselves. My cousin is such a hardworking, sweet girl that really deserves this. Would be an awesome gift as well as a great going away present. I think she will have a hard time when he goes on deployment, and will be missing her family... At least then she would have some amazing photos to look back at! Please consider her for your photo session. Her wedding is April 29th, down near the plaza. Thank you for your consideration!

Amanda Rabourn

Amanda had nominated her cousin out of need. They weren't even going to have a photographer. They were going to the courthouse and have a small wedding on the overlook at Liberty Memorial with a few family and friends. I wanted to speak to the bride and get a further story to find out that after the wedding Stephanie was leaving her friends and family to be with the man she loved. She talked to me about how they have been apart for 7 months and skyped and couldnt wait to be together and my heart just ached for her. Not just because of the story but because I knew EXACTLY how that felt. If you don't know already, my husband and I did long distance for a few years overseas.(our story here) I knew how it felt to be away from the man you loved and even better knew what it felt like to leave your life behind for him.

I decided on the phone with her that they were going to be my couple.

The ceremony was laid back and extremely sentimental. The groom's mom brought up a couple of engraved padlocks , one with Tyler and Stephanie's name and wedding date and another that was dedicated to Tyler's late father that passed away recently. It was an incredibly special moment from the mom to her son and new daughter in law because after the ceremony we proceeded to Red Bridge's Lovelock bridge ( a tradition that began in Europe, very popular in Paris and other cities alike) and they put the locks together and threw the keys into the stream.

I was excited to be apart of their wedding day and glad that I was able to help such a deserving couple remember it.

.....oh...and the black and white thing? I decided that I would use mostly color...it's just who I am and couldn't express myself artistically without it.

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