Lifestyle Shoot with Julie Blanner

From Julie: Cooking fresh doesn't have to consume a lot of time - in fact, often it's just as easy. I prepared a fresh salad of pears, creamy gorgonzola, candied walnuts & arugula tossed with a white wine vinaigrette that is made with just 3 ingredients, in 3 minutes. The sun dried tomato & basil pasta used a couple of shortcuts including minced garlic, jar of sun dried tomatoes and a can of tomato sauce, but was prepared on a bed of homemade noodles. 3 years ago I invested in a pasta maker attachment and I've never looked back or have made boxed noodles since. They are incredibly easy and flavorful. For dessert, I prepared mascarpone cream in advance and just added berries. It doesn't get any easier! Of course no gathering would be complete without a signature cocktail. It offers guests an alternative to wine and an opportunity to serve themselves. I prepared a Prosecco Sangria with peaches, apricot nectar and brandy.

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