A thank you to my clients

It's 1:28am in Poland right now where I am writing this. I was up late doing a phone consult with a new possible client trying to catch up with the timezone difference and I sent her a video some of my clients sent in as testimonials for the services I provided them. 

But what happened after I was completing the email was I watched that video remembering each of their days and how special each of these people were to me. Then watched 5 other wedding videos we did in a row. After spending an hour tearing up from remembering these special days and seeing the wonderful memories not only they had but the memories I got to have with them, I became extremely grateful. The friendships I've made, the lives I've gotten to be apart of, the kids I've seen born there after or dreams of these that have come true. I was chosen to be the eyes in which they will look back on and through to see one of the most special days of their lives. Lives I will forever be apart of because of this "job" that I have. This business of mine is so much more than a job. It's 1am and I'm balling rewatching a video I made, like I was a guest, remember these amazing people that I fell in love with and will forever remember them as dear friends. How many jobs have that amount of joy compacted in a day's worth?

I just want to say thank you to the very special people that saw something in me over the last 10 years to not only spend your money with me but spend your time. You guys have brought so much joy, adventures, and incredible memories to my life ... I can't imagine it differently. 

Sincerely an emotionally sleep deprived wedding photographer. Love you guys ! 


Alea Lovely