Alea Lovely wants to shoot your international wedding for free

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So where do you want to go…?

So in all honesty, I’ve been feeling super burnt out on weddings. I decided next year that I didn’t want to shoot them in order to make more space for creative work and more travel. I have shot to date 319 weddings…I’m due for a burn out.

But a conversation sparked an idea that will open my eyes to new journalistic approach and a way to do both things at once.

Next year I want to spend traveling to new lands. I don’t want to shoot a calendar year of stuff I’ve done before so I’m taking on up to 10 destinations for 2020 that qualify. This is a very limited offer. I want to be able to explore the world through my camera a little differently, without focusing on profits or volume. My experiences over the years have always been the most rich when I can discover more depth about people. Where they come from, why they fall in love, who are the key players in their lives are and what those relationships mean to them. At heart, I’m deeply an anthropologist who longs to tell stories.

But I would like to tell new stories while exploring the culture around it.  Point being....If you can afford my plane ticket and a place for me to sleep, you can afford me for your wedding.  

The cost of travel would be about a 1/4 or less of what would be required pay for my services. Why am I giving up that income to do this for free? Because money is a tool, not my goal. I want to give access to people that might not be able to afford a destination photographer because I’m looking for experiences I can’t pay for and stories that will deepen my appreciation for people and culture. Take me around the world and I’ll take your picture. 

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