My Dream...


 Sometimes being an artist means being true to yourself even when that might not be the best or popular business practice. I’m so in love with what I do that at times it’s all I think and dream about. My life whirls around the fact that I’m able to see something of beauty and hit a button to catch it. I feel like a hunter sometimes. A hunter for the photo but most of all the hunter of my dreams. It’s sometimes the most fun, exhilarating, rewarding thing I have ever done , and other times it’s disappointing, discouraging, and questionable…. but one thing it never is …is regrettable . I do what I love and love what I do. Even if others never find the value in why I practice my love in such a way - it never matters because I’ve finally gotten to an age where I’ve found who I am and can be that freely. I eat , sleep, dream my passion day in and day out and I know that someday this hard work and sacrifice is going to help me realize my dreams. People have tried to stop me, or discourage the sheer size of my vision but I will not be stunted. Everything about what I do gives me the passion and joy to express myself fully and now that I found it I’ll be darned if I ever give it up. People could never see value in my passion but nonetheless I will get to where I’ve always seen myself going. Sometimes business gets in the way- If I got to be a just photographer (not an accountant, and office manager, a consultant, an events coordinator, a psychologist, a financial analyst, a website designer, etc) The focus would be so incredible…the inspiration purely uninterrupted. In a perfect world that would be but for now I appreciate where I stand. To be almost 28 and to know the hardships I’ve faced, the mistakes I made, the experiences I have have molded me into an artist instead of the amateur who’s work had no voice. Where I have grown to take pride in each single image with the hard work I’ve given to each one. I know can remain true to the desires of my heart…to remain accountable to the practices I call to be mine. The plans I made in my life that never worked out that got me to the place I am now- I am extremely grateful for. I see where I’m headed and very ready to own my dreams without negativity and doubt and be completely unwavering to even the biggest critic. 

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