My Approach…

I love images that are unexpected, compositionally strong, emotionally moving, blurry and out of focus at times, when it looks like I snapped a moment out of your intimate life like I wasn't even there. I like playing with light and contrast, and most of all I love my black and white images. This doesn't mean I don't shoot a lot of color - I  do, but I live for the day someone wants their full wedding in black and white. Black and white has the incredible power to turn a photograph of you in your clothes holding your flowers into a photo about your soul. That's what I love so much about it. 

I want my images to be timeless and not about the "style" but about the moment. That no matter what era they are viewed they still looked incredibly beautiful and speak to you emotionally.

It’s a record. It will endure and surpass our own memory of the day. And for that reason this kind of gift, it’s not just a gift for our time, it’s a gift for the future.