A workshop by Alea Lovely


Have you ever felt stuck?

Not really understood your brand, your voice, or feel uninspired and often compare yourself to what you see everyone else is doing? 

Ever felt like your work isn’t what you want it to be, or feel like you’re losing out on the work you’d like to have? 

With so much on social media and publications, it’s easy to get distracted from who we are deeply, and start running after who we think we are supposed to be. That is where we get stuck. 

We fumble with potential clients, awkward in our photo sessions, blocked in our painting, frustrated by our design, fickle with our editing, unsure of what to post on social because likes push us to post what we think people want - instead of posting what we love. Our self worth is undermined by all the things clamoring for attention instead of looking inside and feeling firm about what we want to create. 

We are artists, truth tellers, cutting edge visionaries that only get blocked by what we compare ourselves to and getting caught in the lie that we have nothing new to offer. 

So I’m here to help you find your truth. This isn’t just a photographer’s workshop, this is for all artists to ask the hard questions to discover what about is unique about their own voice to birth new perspective to the world. 

A short excerpt of what we will cover.

Get an idea of Alea Lovely’s perspective and approach to overcoming “fake”.

What you’re here for

This will not be a come and grab shots for your portfolio kind of workshop. No models, no details, this workshop is about YOU. There will be a lot of deep questions, interactive activities, stand up and tell your story, reveal our failures, cry over our struggles, breakthrough the myths, dig deep and be vulnerable kind of workshop. If you’re not ready to get vulnerable, deep and do some soul work and learn about what makes your voice so important - this will not be for you.

All artists are welcome. 


  • 8:30 CHECK-IN

  • 9:00 FAILURE : What creates the blocks that keep us stuck and how we are grow from it. Why art is born out of our experiences and often our pain and getting real about the fears the keep us from realizing our dreams. Clearing the old blocks to make room for new life.

  • 10:00 IMPOSTER: The myths that drive us to compare ourselves that tell us were not good enough and how to stop the self comparison game that stifles your work. Getting over your imposter syndrome, the paralyzing beliefs that keep you from taking action.

  • 11:00 AUTHENTICITY: Discovering your vulnerability, and empathy that helps you connect better in your relationships and makes you stand out. How to connect with clients on an empathetic level to bring forth beautiful and important work. How to capture true deep emotions from your clients and why authenticity will always beat out “fake.”

  • 12:00 LUNCH

  • 1:00 IDENTITY: Who are you? What is your voice and why your have something to offer the world. What about your voice is unique and what do you have to bring to the table in an industry that is so saturated. How to get rid of what’s expected of you, and create something new. How to get the clients that want what you’re selling.

  • 2:00 CREATIVITY: How to gain inspiration from the world around you. Why vulnerability is crucial to expanding your creativity and creating your niche. A shooting/observing portion to learn how to build trust with your clients and capture intimacy.

  • 3:00 ACTION: Steps to identify your fears, and action steps to move towards your goals faster. How to experiment take risks to find new avenues to express yourself and how to focus on the tactical not the technical. Why building deep relationships that foster creativity benefit business growth.

  • 4:00 PORTRAIT: Sit in front of my camera after we got all raw, and let me take your photograph. Smile ;)

Unstuck will take place at the beautiful Grand Hall KC in Downtown Kansas city.

Unstuck will take place at the beautiful Grand Hall KC in Downtown Kansas city.

Unstuck Workshop

How to get unstuck and break though your creative barriers to building the life and career you want.

Tuesday December 11th, 2018 9-5pm at the Grand Hall in Downtown Kansas City, Mo.

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